El sonido es similar a las cenizas, lo ves, tiene forma, pero cuando intentas agarrarlo se deshace, se esfuma, vuela. (Chiu Longina)

ultraspießer & matarratas [ extended versions ] at radical matters

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“ (Extended

Recorded by Ratbag at NK on 18/09/10, Berlin
Track 2 Recorded by Mauro Martinuz for New Weird Berlin | www.nedac.it
Artwork and visual design by Aniana Heras


“TIGHT FISTED BASTARD (Extended Version)”
GENRE: Surrealism / Concrete / Electroacoustic / Avant / Jazz / Drone / Doom /

  • Speed contact – 0:34
  • Provincial breakdown – 11:57
  • Carriageway of the mysteries – 15:25
  • Edition and Art by Julian Bonequi
    Visual design by Aniana Heras<!–
    Catlogue: R.M.W.E.98

    DESTRUCTIVE NIGHT @ Raum20. 29.09.11
    Watch video

    “Ultraspießerr is another real jewel of deep avant drone doom free form jazz and psychic
    sound manipulations!…” [
    Recorded at NK on 16/11/2010, Berlin | www.nkprojekt.de | Mastered by Mauro Martinuz | www.nedac.it

    Reviews: kulturterrorismus

    “NK a well known place for avant-garde and experimental music in Berlin was the location
    where Julian Percy aka Ratbag (electric guitar treatment), Anton Maiof (voice, wii & max/MSP)
    and Julian Bonequi (manipulated drums & voice) came together in November 2010 to
    Ultraspießer, a stunning performance which promises a deep and intense sonic trip.
    Leading off with hypnotic drumming, distorted guitar lines embedded in ambient sounds
    the album moves to ecstatic drumming combined with female and male vocals, accompanied
    by well placed sound collages which achieve to carry off the listener to another state of consciousness.”

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