Mucho antes de los tiempos de la electrónica, antes aún de los tiempos de la electricidad, los sonidos se organizaban ya para crear o consolidar una comunidad y para articular el poder entre quien lo detentaba y el grupo. (Clara Garí)

Fundraiser “10 years Salon Bruit Jubilee” | 19.05.12 | NK Berlin

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Fundraiser “10 years Salon Bruit Jubilee”


Your cooperation will be used to purchase equipment (PA) to provide better conditions for the musicians invited to the activities organised by Salon Bruit e.V.


Salon Bruit eV. is a Berlin based non-commercial forum for both audience and artists interested in experimental music and video works, as well as installations and workshops. Salon Bruit started in 2002 in Berlin as an open platform for international artists of various backgrounds who experiment with sound, art, music and noise in unconventional ways. Salon Bruit continues to organize concerts in Berlin while, at the same time, building its European network in order to travel and interact with other artists at co-organized projects across Europe. A unique quality of the association is its open, interdisciplinary and independent approach with continuous presentations in the form of regular concerts and performances, independent radio projects and exhibitions in Berlin and other European cities. The club sees itself as a cultural ambassador as well as an intermediary in cultural exchange. Outside of Berlin the most extensive contacts have been made so far in France, Ireland, Czech Republic, Denmark and most recently Poland. This summer, Salon Bruit will be celebrating its tenth anniversary with event all around Berlin throughout the month of June.




-JULIAN BONEQUI (cgi | animation)



Elsenstr. 52/
2.Hinterhaus Etage 2
12059 Berlin Neukölln


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