La experiencia acústica carece de conceptos, no elabora proposiciones; carece de imágenes, símbolos, el material de que está hecho el lenguaje. Le falta poder de representación. No guarda una relación lógica con el mundo. (Oliver Sacks)

A ? an ‘arch’ album by anna stereopoulou.

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After the release of her last album -”…oneirograph…v.5.spindle : live in italy” , the composer Anna Stereopoulou presents her new album, titled “A ?“, with which she is challenging the listener to taste an audio path through the dark reflections and crystal coordinates of our necessity for revision.

The album is digitally released by the Spanish music platform and its title is inspired by the short story “The Aleph“, written in 1945 by the Argentine short-story writer, essayist, poet and translator Jorge Luis Borges. The release date for “A ?” is the same as the Argentine writer’s birthday (August 24, 1899 – Buenos Aires, Argentina) and due to this, Anna Stereopoulou wishes to thank him for the constant reminders, to be found throughout his work, of the value and meaning of life.

The album consists of 7 tracks, composed during 2012-2013 and commissioned for collaborations with various artists worldwide, as well as out of the need to express inner feelings and visions. The pieces are based on the composer’s main ‘voice’ and influences (piano, jazz, psychedelic and other elements), however the included music explores a diversity of ‘sonic perspectives’ and techniques, reverberating the ‘stereoscopic’ character of Anna Stereopoulou‘s work. Her album “A ?”   functions as a bridge connecting her latest released project (“…oneirograph…v.5.spindle : live in italy” | March 27, 2013) and upcoming album (“electron” | t.b.a.).


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Vortex Count is an electronic project from Bilbao, characterized by the basic use of oscillators, mainly sine waves and noise parts, managed by frequencies in different ways to create a microscopic concept of sound.

Rhythmically, beat patterns are created using a discrete range of tones and noises, generated by different hard / soft tools, and even data files transformed into glitchy sounds reconstructed always searching for the error to create a sense that drives tracks close to a mechanical system moved by ciclycal particles. Even though having less presence in most tracks, ambient textures also have an important role with little or static sense of pulse. Some tracks even develop the usage of those textures as a main element. In addition to working as a solo artist, he ?s involved as Codeinn in other projects such as Add Obscurae, a dark techno / idm act, that keeps hypnotic textures, noises , bleeps as a fundamental part of the arrange. All of this is possible due to the influence of the trial / error method, life cycle particles, industrial contexts, binary code, inertia without movement and indirect light.


No return, no hope. El nuevo album de Erissoma ya esta disponible.

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En No return, no hope erissoma muestra un mundo agotado por el ansia de poder y la avaricia descontrolada del ser humano.
Del mismo modo que no hay retorno para deshacer nuestras acciones tampoco hay esperanza de que cambie la forma de enfrentarnos a un futuro mas amable en nuestra sociedad. Convencido de que solo con un cambio en nuestra mentalidad y valores podremos llegar un estado de bienestar y equilibrio con el planeta y nuestros semejantes. No return, no hope refleja esta introspeccion personal del autor mediante su falta de sonido electronico. Canciones lineales y casi sin variaciones, sin ritmo, jugando con deviles distorsiones donde predomina un sonido viejo y eclesiastico. Este trabajo invita a cerrar los ojos y viajar al interior de uno mismo.

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Solanic Netlabel :: Electronic Music & Visual Art
SC-DA008 | Erissoma – No Return, No Hope
Title: No Return, No Hope
Artist: Erissoma
Format: FLAC / MP3
Released: 02.04.2013

01. Turn Up Alone
02. My Inner Awakening
03. Transition
04. Grey Water
05. No Return, No Hope
06. Inspiration
07. White Lights
08. Exhalation

Available on


ORIGEN el primer album de la plataforma Sevenmoons Music

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Ya esta disponible el Album “ORIGEN” la primera referencia del sello Sevenmoons music.En el podemos encontrar temas de artistas como Cello+Laptop, Anna Stereopoulou, Elias Merino, Erissoma, Federico Monti, Sustainer o Heezen entre otros muschos.

Esta primera referencia tiene el denominador comun  generos como la experimentacion sonora,electroacoustica y el ambient electronico. Puedes descargarlo totalmente gratis en la web