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[ar079] Discordian Records | 2011-2012 Community Riot

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[ar079] Discordian Records | 2011-201 Community Riot


Discordian Records | 2011-2012
Promotional compilation curated by Julian Bonequi.

Agustí Martínez, Quicu Samsó, Paulina Owczarek, El Pricto, Wiktor Krzak, Michal Dymny, Vasco Trilla, Tomek Choloniewski, Liba Villavecchia, Tom Chant, Pep Pascual, Miguel “Pintxo” Villar, Don Malfon, Luís Vallès, Ferrán Besalduch, Javier García, Dani Domínguez, Javier Carmona, Luiz Espiga, Albert Cirera, Pere Masafret, Miguel Serna, Alvaro Rosso, Julian Bonequi, Pope, Pablo Rega, Martin Del Litto, Avelino Saavedra, Martial Mehat, Joni Garlic, Director Wilkins, Joan Palacio, David Parras.
Sound Engineers: L-Pricto, Ralph Lopinski, Jim Colominas, and Guille Pérez.

Special thanks to El Pricto for his great enthusiasm pushing the scene in Barcelona as producer, and to all the artists and good friends believe in Discordian. Picture taken at “Community Riot” by César Merino [ C.A.T, Arco y Flecha, Barcelona 21.12.12 ]. Design by Aniana Heras.

This Work is under a Creative Commons License 3.0
Creative Commons License


Sin Anestesia on Discordian Records!

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Tom Chant: Soprano Sax
Xavier Díaz Herrera: Soprano and Baritone Sax
Liba Villavecchia: Alto and Sopranino Sax
Agustí Martínez: Alto Sax
Albert Cirera: Tenor Sax
Pep Pascual: Tenor Sax
Don Malfon: Baritone Sax
Lluís Valles: Baritone Sax
Ferrán Besalduch: Bass Sax
El Pricto: Conductor

Recorded by El Pricto and Jo Miramontes on June 26 of 2011 at The Hodge-Podge, Barcelona.

Sin Anestesia was originally gathered and formed by the iniciative of Jack Torrance, to appear in his blog “Overlook Hotel” and eventually to perform at a concert at Heliogábal, Barcelona. To download this peculiar concert go to:


Jack Torrance’s Blog (Overlook Hotel): jacktorrance-overlookhotel.blogspot.com/2011/02/reflections-without-anesthetic.html

Slaughterhouse-Five on Discordian Records!

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Agustí Martínez: Alto saxophone
Tom Chant: Tenor saxophone
Xavier Díaz Herrera: Baritone saxophone
Miguel Serna: Doublebass
Javier Carmona: Drums
L-Pricto: Synthesizers on track 3

Conceptualized and conducted by L-Pricto.

Tracks 2 and 4 composed and conducted by L-Pricto.

Cover Art by Jeff Bartell (www.jeffbartelldesign.com)

Based on the novel “Slaughterhouse-Five or The Children’s Crusade: A Duty Dance With Death” by Kurt Vonnegut.

Recorded, mixed and mastered also by L-Pricto on 6/4/2011 at The Hodge-Podge, Barcelona