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sustainer – radiolas (room40) – descarga libre

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CAT # DRM434
RELEASE 16.10.2015

##This item is a pre-order and digitally delivers on Oct 16 2015##

There is a history of music stemming from time spent recovering from injury. On such example is Brian Eno’s story of creating ambient music, following a prolonged period being couch bound with a broken leg.

Sustainer’s Radiolas, shares a similar tale of horizontal inspirations.

Whilst recovering from a serious health condition, Alex Alarcón aka Sustainer, began working with a very limited palette of equipment at arms reach. This mix of small recorders, pedals and other electronics become a processing chain through which he started to feed shortwave radio recordings.
Having worked with radio recordings previously it didn’t take long for these recordings to take on a very personal and cathartic aesthetic. “Years ago i used to record things with another shortwave receiver at my parents house,” Alex explains, “because it was near the sea and you could catch easily stations from north of Africa. Sometimes I was even able to reach marine stations from boats crossing the Mediterranean Sea. It was an incredibly inspirational feeling tapping into these streams of sound.”

On Radiolas, Sustainer creates a metaphoric ocean of harmonic noise. Waves of frequency collide and lap at the edges of one another. The richness of the material, both in terms of texture and harmonics, invites the listener to sink deep beneath the surface and to become drowned in the intricacy of the interlocking layers of distended radiowaves.

Mastering: Stephan Mathieu @ Schwebung
Cover Photo + Video:  Alex Alarcón
Design: Lawrence English

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Nuevo lanzamiento: The Cherry Blues Project & Sol Rezza

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The Cherry Blues Project tomó 5 de sus temas favoritos de su coterránea Sol Rezza y dio forma a este nuevo EP de más de 30 minutos.

Tapa del EP

Partiendo de las grabaciones y la voz de Sol, The Cherry Blues Project añadió sus paisajes sonoros y su sentido del dark ambient dando como resultado este EP. Bastante oscuro en su sonido, pero realmente muy agradable para escuchar.

Uno de los temas destacados es “Short for Radio 5

Short for Radio 5 (The Cherry Blues Project Remix)

A continuación pueden descargar el álbum completo en nuestra página de

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