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Electric Landscapes Of Rebellion new Album

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Electric Landscapes Of Rebellion

Black Sea & Boats Passing By

New Album by Electric Landscapes of Rebellion (Antony Maubert / Edith Alonso)

on Ephre Imprint

CDr :
Digital :

Behind Electric Landscapes Of Rebellion we find Edith Alonso from Spain and Antony Maubert from France. They have been playing music together since 2010, somewhere in the field of circuit bending, homemade electronic instruments, objects from daily life and digital synthesis.
All of their interests are present here, noise bits, musique concrete sound manipulation, processed field recordings, electro-acoustic bits, deep end bass manipulation and such like. It’s quite a heavy piece of music, forceful loud, collaged in a rather speedy way, with some piercing tones to go along. Definitely not easy listening music, but quite good I thought.

Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly


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concierto Electric Landscapes of Rebellion & Equipo Elevador

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Esta tarde en la libreria La Libre de Barrio, 19h30

concierto con

Equipo Elevador
(Antonio Sánchez / Hertz Volta)

Electric Landscapes of Rebellion
(Edith Alonso : bajo preparado syntetizador analógico / Antony Maubert : laptop, homemade controller)

La Libre Del Barrio
c/ Villaverde 4, Leganes
Metro Casa del Reloj